Situ Diamond Jewellery

A unique range of jewellery designed in collaboration with jewellers Ida-Elsje and Philippa Green. Diamonds are encased in clear and coloured resin. The stones are magnified by the domed resin.



Comfi Table TM

Designed for confined spaces, this table is height adjustable from 45cm to 75cm. It can be used as a coffee table, dining table and anything in between.



Free-Wheelin' Shoji

Translucent screen made of clip-lock polycarbonate material (approximately 30 mm thick). The modular panels are 500mm wide (can extend to any length). Height=2m



Con Hill Streetlights

Designed for Urban Solutions Architects and Townplanners. The poles are made of wound fibre-glass with a band of clear gelcoat. Light from a luminaire inside the pole is emitted through the clear band at pedestrian eye-level.



Vesda Lamp TM

LED lamps are encassed in clear silicone rubber for a child friendly, impact resistant, no heat, tactile, low energy bedside lamp.